Roswell AC Repair, Chasing the Elusive Energy Savings Dollar

Beat the Heat ― Don’t Let the Energy Bill Beat You

The peak of summer is here, and all we can do is prepare ourselves for high energy bills this season. Our bank accounts take a hit every time we want to take a break from the heat, but does it always have to be this way? Fortunately, your worrying days are now over, says our trusted Roswell AC repair professionals. You can enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment through the dog days of summer without racking up exorbitant energy costs. How do you do it? We want to help you lower those energy bills, so here are some practical and effective tips on how to do just that.


How Do I Control The Humidity In My House?

Does Your Home Feel Like a Sauna? That Can Be Fixed

During Georgia summers, walking inside on a hot and getting blasted with a gust of AC is one of the better experiences. For some homeowners, they never get that satisfaction. If your indoor humidity level rivals that of The Bahamas, then you’re at the right place. High indoor humidity does not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it can also compromise your home’s integrity and affect your family’s health over time. If you need help in controlling the humidity levels inside your home, consider these tips from our reputable HVAC services provider in Roswell, GA.

How to Keep Indoor Humidity Under Control

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Cooking, showering, and doing the laundry increases the amount of moisture in the air, so install vent fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. If you don’t have vent fans in these areas, opening a window for a few minutes can help reduce excess humidity.

HVAC Services in Roswell GA_ThermostatRun Your AC

Your air conditioner helps reduce indoor humidity by introducing cool air while removing excess moisture in the air. However, keep in mind that this “solution” can put a significant dent in your budget, so consider running the AC at low temperatures only when you’re home ― or find another solution to save money and to keep your unit from working too hard.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier helps improve in-home comfort by removing excess moisture in the air to make it a lot cooler. When using a dehumidifier, you can actually reduce your AC usage and save on your monthly energy bills. Don’t forget to close all doors and windows when running your dehumidifier and don’t put it near walls and/or furniture.

HVAC Services in Roswell GA_CaulkCheck Your Home’s Structural Surfaces

Structural flaws and defects can affect the humidity levels inside your home, so you need to address all issues accordingly:

  • Use a polyethylene vapor barrier to cover dirt floors in crawl spaces.
  • Waterproof basement walls from the outside and repair wall cracks.
  • Treat your foundation with a water-absorbing clay (hydroclay) to seal the basement.
  • Check doors and windows for leaks. Repair, caulk, and weatherstrip whenever necessary.
  • Install plastic film on your windows and consider adding storm windows.
  • If everything else fails, consider replacing your carpet since it retains moisture and acts as a breeding ground for dust mites.

Bring in Some Plants

Aside from improving your home’s appearance and ambiance, bringing in some greens (e.g. palms, orchids, Boston fern, cactus, and English Ivy) can actually help lower indoor humidity. Be extra careful in choosing which plants to take indoors since some plants have the opposite effect and can actually increase the humidity level inside your home. Also, avoid overwatering your plants. A side note to consider is that some plants may be harmful to pets, so research pet-friendly plants to ensure everyone stays safe.

Ask a Professional HVAC Services Expert in Roswell for Help

If you’re still having problems keeping indoor humidity down, call our professional HVAC services to check on your system. If your AC is not sufficiently doing its job, it may either be too large for the space or it is not running as effectively as it once did (especially if you have an older unit). There is also a chance that you have a poorly designed ventilation system or are simply using the wrong thermostat setting.

Whatever the reason is, our experienced HVAC services providers can find the solution, just as we’ve been doing in Roswell, GA, for many years. Contact us or call us at (678) 888-4822 today! TemperaturePro North Atlanta is a full-service HVAC services provider in Roswell, GA, that’s capable of addressing all your HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance requirements. We also offer free home evaluation and estimate to assess your needs.

AC Repair Services Roswell GA, How to Choose the Right Filter For Your HVAC System

A New Filter For Your HVAC System Can Save You A Lot of Headaches and Money

Did you know that the air filter in your HVAC system plays an integral part in keeping your home cool and comfortable and keeps it running as efficiently as it should? As an added bonus, it also helps maintain indoor air quality by acting as the first line of defense against dust, dirt, allergens, and smoke, claims a leading AC repair services in Roswell, GA.

As you can see, your air filter works hard to maintain in-home comfort while keeping you and your family healthy so it is only fair to give it the attention it deserves by replacing it on a regular basis. It also helps if you will choose the right air filter for your needs. (more…)